Who should Alabama Republicans choose for Senate?

By John Meredith, al.com | comments4meredith@yahoo.com

John Meredith, of Huntsville, is a former Capitol Hill lobbyist who was recognized as one of the country’s 100 most influential Black Republicans.

The GOP base will soon head to the polls and nominate candidates to represent them in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Instead of voting for candidates whose only desire is supporting Donald Trump, they should nominate someone whose vote won’t be taken for granted. Someone who won’t be first in line to support whatever POTUS wants that day. Alabama needs another senator whose every vote is cast with the goal of improving the quality of life in our state.

That won’t happen if Jeff Sessions returns to the Senate. Many folks think he was a good Senator and that he deserves a second chance. Politically speaking however, we should nominate a candidate for senator that POTUS does not hate rather than snubbing him by returning someone he fired as Attorney General to represent us. Every vote Sessions casts will anger POTUS who will then target our state in retaliation.

No one in their right mind can expect anything but sexual harassment cases to pile up if Roy Moore is elected. And no one with a mind, right or otherwise, believes Arnold Mooney or Stanley Adair is capable of being a senator. That leaves principled Republican voters — those without formal ties to the party apparatus and are therefore free to vote their family interest — with only two choices, Bradley Byrne or Tommy Tuberville.

I attended a Byrne event soon after he announced his candidacy. He worked the room well and people bonded with him but I was disappointed in his stump speech. To his credit, Byrne compiled a solid conservative voting record in the House. He is pro-Trump but nobody’s puppet. He knows how to play hardball and already has personal relationships with many of his future Senate colleagues. Those voters valuing traditional statesmanship and proven legislative prowess will choose Byrne.

I also met Tuberville shorty after he announced his candidacy. He made a better first impression, but we never talked politics. Since then, I’ve watched his candidacy with interest, occasionally being pleasantly surprised by his flashes of independent thought and knowledge of certain issues. Unfortunately, since his Auburn parade float snafu, Tuberville has gone into witness protection. This is troubling because the last thing Alabama needs is another congressional politician so scared of media or constituent disagreement, or fact checking, they refuse to interact with them. Despite his disappearance, the unconventional outsider perspective Tuberville’s candidacy offers will appeal to the balance of principled GOP voters.

One of the reasons socialism is on the rise in America is because of incumbent snowflakes like Mo Brooks. He is alive today because of life-saving cancer treatments received as a congressman. That treatment was paid for with tax dollars from hard-working Americans. Rather than ensuring that same life-saving taxpayer-funded care to constituents, he denies it and accuses the sick and dying of making bad decisions. The idiosyncrasy that forces taxpayers to pay the medical bills of rich members of Congress but not those of their struggling neighbors is the main reason the House flipped in 2018.

Chris Lewis, a career naval officer experienced in both domestic and foreign policy issues, is the principled Republican’s choice in the Fifth District. Having actually served in the military, Lewis understands the importance of combat readiness and would never compromise it by voting to shut down Redstone Arsenal and every other military installation in America.

Lewis’ nomination will bring a new vitality to north Alabama. Our military will have a real champion and constituents will regain their voice once they finally have a congressman willing to meet with, and openly discuss, the concerns of all his constituents.

Nominating the right Republican congressional candidates means Alabama can double its political prowess despite the anticipated loss of a House seat after the 2020 census. Our nominees, however, must be carved from the same stone as Sen. Richard Shelby — a man among boys in Washington. A politician who casts every vote with one purpose in mind, a better quality of life for his constituents.

FarmPAC Endorses Congressional Candidates

MONTGOMERY, Ala., November 25 — The Alabama Farmers Federation’s political action committee, FarmPAC, today announced congressional endorsements for the March 2020 primary elections.

Congressional endorsements are recommended by county Federations in each district based on the candidates’ positions on key issues impacting farmers and rural Alabama.

Federation President Jimmy Parnell said the grassroots endorsement process is central to the organization’s mission. 

“Alabama Farmers Federation was founded to give farmers a voice in the political process and to advocate for issues important to rural families,” Parnell said. “We take great pride in being a true grassroots organization with our local leaders driving the endorsement process. As representatives of rural communities across this state, these county leaders reflect the values, concerns and hopes of many Alabamians.”

Congressional candidates endorsed by FarmPac to date are:

  • Mike Rogers – Alabama Congressional District 3
  • Robert Aderholt – Alabama Congressional District 4
  • Chris Lewis – Alabama Congressional District 5
  • Gary Palmer – Alabama Congressional District 6
  • Terri Sewell – Alabama Congressional District 7

All endorsed congressional candidates are incumbents with the exception of Chris Lewis in District 5, who is challenging incumbent Mo Brooks. 

Lewis expressed appreciation for the Federation’s endorsement. 

“We are honored and grateful to have earned the support of such an amazing group of Alabamians. As we look toward our future here in north Alabama, we are humbled to have such a wonderful base of support that knows what it means to serve and support the great people of our state and nation,” Lewis said. “Together, we’re ready to face and overcome any challenge, striving to create a better life for our children and grandchildren. I sincerely thank the great men and women of the Alabama Farmers Federation for their continued support and look forward to working together for an even brighter, safer and more prosperous future for north Alabama and our nation.”

Candidates previously endorsed by FarmPAC are:

  • Donald Trump — President
  • Tommy Tuberville — U.S. Senate
  • Brad Mendheim, Alabama Supreme Court, Place 2
  • Bill Thompson, Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, Place 1
  • Matt Fridy, Alabama Court of Civil Appeals, Place 2
  • Mary Windom, Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 1
  • Beth Kellum, Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2
  • Twinkle Cavanaugh, Alabama Public Service Commission President

FarmPAC has not made endorsements in every race. Endorsements approved thus far will carry through to the general election. FarmPAC reserves the option to make additional endorsements at a later date.

FarmPAC Chairman Steve Dunn of Conecuh County said the Federation encourages voters to study the issues and candidates prior to the election.

“It’s important for Alabama voters to be engaged in the electoral process,” Dunn said. “We encourage members to exercise their right to vote, regardless of their political preference, and to consider these FarmPAC endorsements when they go to the polls.”

Dynetics Endorses Chris Lewis for U.S. Congress

Huntsville, AL – Chris Lewis for U.S. Congress is pleased to announce Huntsville-based Dynetics has endorsed Chris Lewis for Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District. The endorsement highlights Lewis’s understanding and commitment to our nation’s defense and advancements in space exploration technology.

Lewis, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and the U.S. Naval War College, retired as a Commander from the United States Navy after 23 years of service to our country. His extensive experience includes multiple combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, service as a strategic analyst for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a decade of defense acquisition experience, and Contract Transition Team Lead for Arnold Engineering Development Complex, Arnold Air Force Base.

For more information, please contact 256-284-2120 or email the campaign at Contact@LewisforAlabama.com. Additional information can be found at www.LewisforAlabama.com.

Chris Lewis, Candidate for 5th Congressional District, Runs on Service before Self

Florence, AL – Chris Lewis (R), a retired US Navy Commander and Florence, Alabama native, announced today his candidacy for Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District currently held by incumbent Republican Mo Brooks.

During his distinguished career, Lewis served as a Naval Flight Officer; a Strategic Analyst for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Strategic Commands in Portugal; and has accrued nearly a decade of Defense Acquisition experience. In 2016, Lewis retired as a Commander from the United States Navy after 23 years of service.

Lewis recently returned to Florence with wife Keri and sons Alexander and Jacob, who was diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. “It is nice to be home with family to ensure extra support for Jacob,” explained Lewis. After retirement, Lewis worked with the Department of Defense by providing program management support to Arnold Engineering Development Center in Tennessee, manages his small farm and owns a consulting firm.

Lewis devotes his time to the Shoals community as the Board President of the Children’s Museum of the Shoals, the Vice-Chairman of the Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Board, and a member of the St. Florian Planning Commission. He is also a Third-Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus and coaches basketball at St. Joseph Regional Catholic School.

As a third-generation veteran, Lewis is running on a guiding principle of “Service Before Self,” an endearing promise instilled in him from his youth and time served in the military. With this principle at the core of his campaign, Lewis plans to address issues such as establishing term limits across all forms of government, reducing the national debt, supporting the Second Amendment and defending the sanctity of life.

He also vows to offer more support for veterans. “As a retired Naval Officer, I believe it is our country’s duty to stand in support of our veterans,” said Lewis. “I personally understand the difficulties in navigating the Veteran’s Affairs bureaucracy and the challenge of re-entering society after military service. It is imperative we provide our men and women in uniform the caliber and level of commitment that they gave to protect our country and our rights.”

To learn more about Chris Lewis and how he will put his leadership experience, tenacity and moral center to work for a stronger, better Alabama and country, visit www.lewisforalabama.com.