Term Limits

I believe politicians need to find the solutions to America’s issues without being part of the problem. Representing the people should not be a “job” or a career path with a retirement plan. The Founding Fathers put their own livelihoods and lives at risk to establish a new country. Their intent was to serve others before self for a brief period, then return to life as a citizen under the laws they created. The same philosophy should hold true today. Enacting Term Limits in all forms of government is paramount to ensuring that those entrusted elected officials can focus on leading, rather than satisfying the needs of special interests which rarely yield to the general interests of our country.

Mental Health Crisis

It is time to start treating those affected by mental illness the same way we treat those facing cancer and heart disease.

It is time to invest in the research necessary to fully understand the complex nature of the human brain.

The United States is experiencing a mental health crisis—a crisis that does not discriminate, a crisis that touches us all! Like many Americans, this crisis is personal; I have a son who has Autism, family members facing dementia and family members recovering from opioid addiction, so I know firsthand that we are not doing enough.

  • One in five adults in America has experienced mental illness.
  • Suicide is the leading cause of death for Millennials and ranks 2nd for Generation Z.
  • Children diagnosed with Developmental Delays is increasing yearly.
  • 25-40% of all prison inmates NEED mental health services.


For the economy to grow, we must create an environment in which it can do so. This environment is not one dimensional. No single solution exists. Congress must develop and implement strategies that addresses all aspects of the economy, including long-term strategic investment, government deregulation, illegal immigration, healthcare, education and infrastructure. Addressing these challenges as a group is the only solution to guarantee a successful and lasting economy that benefits all citizens and income levels equally.

Improving Education

The key to improving our Nation’s Education System is a strong relationship between parents, teachers, and administrators at the local level. With a wife who teaches high school and two sons in the public school system, I know how important that local relationship is to the success of our schools. I will work to ensure we invest in that local relationship, not in more Federal Regulation.


As a retired Naval Officer, I believe that it is our country’s duty to stand in support of our Veterans. I personally understand the difficulties in navigating the Veteran’s Affairs bureaucracy and the challenge of re-entering society after military service. I will ensure my staff is accessible to assist in eliminating the bureaucracy that overwhelms our Veterans. It is imperative we provide our men and women in uniform the necessary level of commitment that they gave to protect our country and our rights.

Defense of The Second Amendment

While I was in the Navy, I swore an oath to “support and defend” the Constitution of the United States. A cornerstone of which is “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms…”. Today, a segment of our population seeks to enact strict gun control measures in reaction to reprehensible violent acts. These strict measures leave our families unprotected and do little to address the actual underlying issues of the individuals who commit the atrocities. Rejection and erosion of the Second Amendment is not the answer! I will continue to advocate tirelessly for our Second Amendment rights to “…keep and bear arms…”.

Defense of Life

Life is sacred. It is as simple as those three words. I pledge to protect all life, especially those lives most vulnerable who cannot protect themselves. As a father, I have a deep understanding for the value of human life. I identify with the protection of all life, while also defending both women’s health and family well-being. My profound conviction is that every life is a blessing and needs our protection.

Border Security and Immigration

It is time to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration. Many of the men and women with whom I have served are putting their lives at risk to defend America’s borders. The border defense is underfunded so the people in charge are unable to fully enforce the laws they have sworn to uphold. It is unconscionable that their lives and our security have become pawns in today’s political arena. Legal immigrants bring a wealth of ideas and value to our country. Their path to citizenship exists today. If the immigration laws that guide this path to citizenship are inefficient or ineffective, then Congress must do its job to address and enact the necessary laws, not ignore them. I served in Iraq where we secured the borders of a foreign nation, and yet Congress is unable to secure our own!

National Debt and Budget

America’s national debt has surpassed $22 trillion. Our country can no longer afford to continue raising the debt ceiling in order to solve our challenges. We must act responsibly to ensure our children and grandchildren do not inherit the responsibility of paying for our mistakes.

I support the principles of Fiscal Conservatism:

  • Balanced budget
  • Minimized debt
  • Reduced taxes when able and where prudent
  • A Continual review of all Federal programs with a goal to increasing efficiency and effectiveness of value-added programs and eliminate non-value-added programs

Religious Freedom

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech…”. In a country founded upon freedom of religion and freedom of speech, it is disturbing that attacks on religious freedoms have increased nearly 100 percent in recent years. A fragment of our society is attempting to establish that religion has no place in our country. The time has come to stand up and defend our rights. Time for leaders to step in to say “enough is enough”. I have served in nations that lack religious freedom and witnessed the atrocities committed under such oppression. We must not, and I will not, allow that to happen in our own country.

A Functioning Congress That Works Together